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What is the best online translation service?

A European company has just launched an automatic translation service which it considers to be “three times more efficient than Google’s”. We have checked.


We make it a point of honor to provide you with quality translations. Our translators are selected on the basis of their diplomas and experience. In addition, they are subject to a translation test in their areas of specialization. All use translation software to be fast, rigorous and efficient.
Each project is supervised by a project manager and is subject to proofreading, revision and quality control according to the client's desired format. Our translation services are available in four formulas specifically designed to meet your needs:
  • Basic: fast, low-cost translation for informational materials intended for internal use.
  • Standard: economical and fast translation for large documents, reports or informative documents.
  • Professional: ideal for translation of commercial and marketing documents where quality is paramount.
  • Premium: professional translation and editing services adapted to translations of specialized documents (technical, scientific and financial documents) intended for distribution to a wide audience.


Our strength ? Manage translation projects for very different sectors of activity. Thanks to our growing network of more than 740 professional translators worldwide, we are able to support you in the internationalization of your communication. As a translation company, our mission is to find the right translator for your specialized translations.

We offer the following translation services:

- Technical translation 
- Medical translation Legal translation
- Financial Translation
- Scientific translation
- Audiovisual translation
- Commercial Translation
- Marketing Translation
- Translation for international organizations
- Translation of documents Urgent translation
- Translation and localization of websites
- Translation and localization of video games

Because quality is always the best choice, our translation agency offers proofreading, editing and quality assurance services.

Our offers

Professional translation

The easiest and fastest way to professionally translate documents, manuals, websites, software, etc. according to your schedule and needs, in 175 languages ​​and 40 areas of expertise.

Whether you need to translate a simple page, a thick user manual or a presentation for a conference, BeTranslated provides you with the commercial translation services your business needs.

Our primary goal? Combine quality, price and speed. We respond to your requests as quickly as possible, respect deadlines, provide quality translation services, and all this by always offering advantageous rates.

Cultures Connection supports your company in its international development by offering a wide range of translation services ranging from technical translation to website translation.

Do you need an urgent translation? You can count on us, our translation agency is at your disposal more than 18 hours a day.

Solutions for companies

We offer a broad selection of fully managed translation services, adaptable localization solutions for mass market communication, and automated transaction services for large volumes.

Tools for developers

Sophisticated but easy-to-use translation APIs for uninterrupted localization, tools for extracting content from 71 file formats, adaptive neural automatic translation, etc.

Nowadays, translating your website is one of the most profitable ways to reach markets abroad.

Although French is one of the second most widely spoken languages ​​in the world and many people read and understand it, cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and truncation of your message.

A professional translation is a necessary step to better reflect your image internationally.

BeTranslated offers you to translate your web pages into the desired languages ​​and will offer you flexible solutions for the translation of your web content.

Translating your website or business site can appeal to thousands of potential customers around the world. Nowadays, the Internet offers another dimension to international marketing and makes it possible to reach new markets in just a few clicks.

Do you want to develop your business internationally? The economy is starting to recover from a severe crisis and translating your website is the key to these new markets.

Key benefits

Experience and confidence

We have delivered 1.2 million translations in 175 languages ​​to 156967 customers in 40 macro domains since 1999, boosting the globalization strategy of the most demanding clients.

Effectiveness of the process

We do everything we can to improve the efficiency of our translation services by improving our production processes with cutting-edge technologies and talented translators. A perfect example is the system that instantly links your content to the most qualified translator for the mission.

A step ahead

We offer a wide range of language services that cover all your future needs: Google Ads translation, software localization, subtitling and APIs to integrate human translation wherever you need it.

Adopt our culture

We are proud to compensate our translators properly and to provide a collaborative, fun and inclusive work environment for all: a culture that inspires talent to do great things for you.
Turnkey service

the selection of interpreters best suited to the characteristics of your events

the choice of the type of interpretation that allows a better result for an optimum cost

Rental and installation of necessary equipment (cabin, microphone or portable interpretation equipment)
The translation of the preparatory documents of the event

The transcription of the debates


We adapt our rates to the nature of your translation project, the working languages ​​and the volume of words to translate. To obtain an estimate of costs and deadlines, we invite you to complete our form without obligation by clicking on the link below. We will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible and provide you with an estimate and an estimate of processing times.

Note that we only translate for businesses and not for individuals.

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