Different Types and Methods of e-Marketing

E-marketing is a type of marketing which is completed through means of modern technology such as the Internet and mobile. The importance of e-marketing has increased during the last period as a result of increasing the number of Internet users. At the end of 2013, the number of Internet users in the Arab countries has reached 135.6 million users. Internet has become the most popular way to find information or search for a product. There are many e-marketing methods, and it’s preferable to know all types and methods of e-marketing an choose the right kind that will achieve success to your marketing campaign.

Types and methods of e-marketing

E-mail marketing

Marketing through e-mail is one of the first methods of e-marketing. E-mail marketing includes marketing a product or service to a database through targeting a certain segment of customers via e-mails.  E-mail marketing is considered one of the best e-marketing methods because of its low cost, targeting the correct category, simplicity of use and increasing the return of investment from using it.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is considered the art of increasing the appearance of your website in the first results of search engines such as Google search engine. This is done by targeting keywords in your website to appear in search engines in the top results. The main advantages of creating search engines SEO include:

1- Low cost compared to paid ads, such as Google Adwords.

2- Increase the number of visitors and followers to your site for free.

3- Achieve a return on investment better than paid advertising.

4- You will be familiar with new products through keywords that customers are looking for.

5- You will be a source of confidence for people who are looking for a solution.

How to be on the top results in search engines. 

Paid advertising

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Paid ads are ads appear in search engines, and they are one of the best types of e-marketing. They appear beside or above the search results. Paid ads are depend on the keywords that used to help your ad appears in the search engines.

Social media channels

social media channels can affect in increasing sales of your products

Social media is a type of communication with your customers directly in order to highlight the value of your company’s products and services, increase the company’s fame and spread through several social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. The main advantages of social networking sites are:

1- Increased knowledge and reputation of your brand through social media channels and as a result your sales will increase.

2- Increase customer loyalty for your brand by interaction with them using social networking channels.

3- Targeting a certain category efficiently and know the needs of your customers.

4- Find followers to your page and increase their number.

5- Increase the number of visitors to your website and increase your ranking in the search engines by directing followers on social media channels to your website indirectly.

E-Marketing Strategies to Fit your Company

choosing the right e-marketing strategies is very important for your company

Some companies are still considering that traditional marketing is the best way to market their goods and services. In most of these cases, the main reason is the lack of knowledge of the importance of the e-marketing strategies for the company, or the factors affecting the success of e-marketing on social networking sites.

The question that is asked by many managers in companies today is: How do I choose the best way of e-marketing for my company? And what are e-marketing strategies for service or product I serve?

To answer these questions you should take into consideration some of
main factors when you do e-marketing for your company.

E-marketing strategies

a- The nature of the product or service

Some of the products or services provided by companies are primarily directed to other companies rather than individuals, and it’s known as b2b marketing. In this marketing type, the used strategies are strategies on targeting specific individuals. Therefore there will be different marketing methods and channels that will be used in the process. For example, instead of using Twitter, you will use LinkedIn because it is best channel to help you find the correct and exact job titles and your potential customers. .

b- Company size and marketing budget

E-marketing is the best way for medium businesses and even small businesses, because of its small cost compared to traditional marketing. It also provides some benefits and features that are not available in traditional marketing, including:

1- Targeting potential customers

If, for example, you decided to put a sign in the street you would not ensure that it will be viewed by the right customers for your company. Moreover, the high cost and reservation of places in the streets. In contrast, when targeting your customer by e-mail, or paid ads on Facebook, your marketing message is directed to customers interested in your industry and what you offer.

2- Quick communication with customers

One of the best marketing advantages of e-marketing is the speed of communication with customers. There is no need to meet each client face to face in order to communicate or after-sales service.

3- Analysis of competitors easily and accurately


You can analyze your situation with many websites and pages that track and analyze your site and page precisely. Besides, knowing the position of your market and analyzing your competitors are the next appropriate steps for your product.

4- The nature of potential customers of your company

This is the most important factor when choosing the appropriate e-marketing strategies of your company. Understanding the nature of the customer will allow you to find out the most suitable ways and channels that will achieve efficiency, for example, you will know whether to use SEO or SMM or both.

Do you use SEO or SMM, or both?

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to create websites friendly to search engines so that your site can reach the first page on search engines such as Google when using specific research words.

But Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the use of various social networking sites on marketing an idea or a specific product, through creating a page for your product or idea, or even for the company, and start communicating with audiences to deliver the marketing message to them. And then, you can do advertising campaigns that target specific interests of your audiences and enhance your popularity across social networking sites.

What are the most important marketing channels you use on social networking sites?

The social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube channels and LinkedIn are of the most successful ideas in our time which attracted individuals and communities to communicate and share information and personal experiences. But each social networking site has what distinguishes it from other sites, so it has to be prepared with a different marketing message for each platform. The type of content that is published according to the concerns of people on each platform is different. For example, if you decide to use video to promote your product, then you can publish your service on YouTube, as well as if the service depends on a large number of images you can use Instagram or Facebook.

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